Fenugreek is natures richest source of healthy saponins (diosgenin and dioscin)

Numerous peer reviewed studies show unrivaled benefits:

• Improves appetite and soothes digestion
• Eases joint stiffness and inflammation
• Enriches coat with a lustrous shine
• Faster muscle recovery time
• Fertility and hormonal balance
• Boosts vitality and immune response
• Strengthens and stimulates hoof growth

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Nutrifen is the world’s gold-standard source of fenugreek.

It is produced in Canada using a patented cold-extraction process that greatly concentrates the beneficial components of the fenugreek seed by removing the endosperm and other assimilation inhibitors. The result is a highly absorbable, fine-powder extract with superior bio-availability.



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Cavalli stud (Elra Tonkin)

Here at Cavalli Stud we do breeding, training and showing. We work with stallions, mares, weanlings, yearlings and young stock. We have been using Nutrifen for nearly three years. Our horses all show...

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Oldlands stud (Barbara Sanne)

We fed your fenugreek products (Nutrifen®) to our pregnant mares in our 2011 season (put in foal in 2010 and foaling in 2011). We fed it to our mares not only during their pregnancy but also after...

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FENUGREEK, Trigonella foenum-graecum, is one of the oldest medicinal plants and is used for humans, horses and dogs. Fenugreek has...

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Horses that compete in sports where big, strong muscles are needed will benefit from having this herb in their feed regularly, says Kim Dyson...

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Horses Gold. It is not always easy getting a horse back into condition, whether a mare just after foaling or a poor doer that needs help putting on flesh...

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